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Fotos voor nieuwe editie Buiten Schot 26 9 2013 Michel de WaartPaul Moeyes (1957) is lecturer in English literature and history at the Educatieve Hogeschool in Amsterdam. He published Siegfried Sassoon: scorched glory and made several contributions to magazines such as Neophilologus, Armamenteria, Historisch Nieuwsblad and Rijksmuseum BulletinBuiten schot - Nederland tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog was published at the Arbeiderspers.

What motivates me

Fotos voor nieuwe editie Buiten Schot 26 9 2013 Michel de WaartIn 1993 I completed my PhD research on the writings of Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967), which was later published in an British and American trade edition: Siegfried Sassoon: Scorched Glory (Macmillan/St Martin’s Press, 1997). In true Sassoon-fashion I had ‘stumbled’ (‘stumbling’ and ‘blundering’ are recurring words in Sassoon’s war writings) across his Sherston-trilogy in my first year at Amsterdam University. It led me to his war poetry, to other war poets, and to that whole historical & socio-cultural phenomenon: the Great War and its impact on British society.

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