Paul Moeyes


Book presentation "Nederland Neutraal"

Generaal Majoor Theo Vleugels

The new book by Wim Klinkert, Samuel Kruizinga and Paul Moeyes, "Nederland neutraal", was presented in the Nassau hall at the Militairy Academy in Breda on 22 may. The introductory speech was made by General-Major Theo Vleugels, Commander of the KMA. Mr Theo Vleugels is very interested in military history and was delighted that the presentation of the new book took place in the historic hall of the academy.

After Wim Klinkert explained how the three writers came to the initiative of the book and explained the cooporation between them it was the turn of Peter Vandermeersch, Chief Editor of NRC newspaper. Mr. Vandermeersch told a fascinating story about his own impressions and experiences related to the Great War in Belgium. He then received the first copy of the book from the 3 writers.

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